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Site Feasibility


Appraising a potential site isn't the simplest thing to do. Below you will find a few pointers that you should be aware of:

  1. Make sure that all services are available on site (gas, electric, water & mains drainage). If not all of these are available it doesn't necessarily mean the site isn't worth considering, you simply need to be aware that costs may escalate & quotations for providing alternatives should be sort prior to purchasing the site.

  2. Where mains drainage is available, don't assume that you can connect to this. There are a number of reasons you may be prevented from doing this such as the level of the connection would be to high for water to flow or the legal ownership of a nearby drain isn't owned by a public service company therefore a private agreement may be needed.

  3. Does the land have legal public access? Many plots that are 'land locked' are offered for sale. This means that whilst you can physically walk or drive to a plot of land the legal right to do so may not be sold with the land. If this is the case the land's value is greatly reduced & most lenders will not provide a mortgage if this is the case.

  4. Check for evidence of previous excavations, mine working or demolished buildings. Whilst these may not render the plot 'unbuildable' it will for sure increase the cost of any foundation or under building construction you may have to do.

  5. Trees, as lovely as they are a site surrounded by trees will increase dramatically the cost of any foundations & under building required to provide a stable base for any dwelling. Like wise, don't just assume that you can cut down any trees that are in your way. Some trees are protected by TPO's (tree preservation orders). Even if you can cut any offending trees down the ground may still react at different seasons as though trees are still present therefore the need to provide root barriers & other ground stabilisation may still be required.

  6. Pollutants & contaminated ground can be unseen by the naked eye however a soil survey may inform you that unpleasant substances have been deposited there at some time. Again depending on what has been found this isn't the end of this site & a good soil survey company will provide you with a recommendation for remedial actions.

  7. Always, always have a reputable solicitor with the relevant experience in buying land have a look at the legal position surrounding any potential purchase.

Recommendation - Ask a local architect to have a look at the plot for you prior to involving a solicitor. They may charge you a nominal fee for this service but remember this could save you thousands in the long term. Oakworth Homes have staff available with the relevant experience to informally guide you in the right direction. We can also provide you a formal report on findings that will allow you to appraise the projects potential from an educated position.

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