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Oakworth Homes Limited

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e-mail: enquiries@oakworthhomes.co.uk

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Self Build FAQ


Q1, How do I find a plot?

  • Estate Agents
  • Local Papers
  • Specialist on-line land finding databases such as Plot Search

Q2, How do I finance the project?

Q3, Do I need a specialist solicitor to help me purchase the plot?

  • Not strictly however it is worth ensuring that your solicitor has experience in purchasing land as there can be quirks that they need to be aware of.

Q4, How do I achieve planning permission for the house type I want?

  • You can use a local architect.
  • Alternatively Oakworth Homes Architect Service means you will be dealing with an architect experienced in winning planning permissions for unique dwellings. We will work with you to design the home that not only fits its proposed surroundings it suits your lifestyle as well.

Q5, Who will prepare building control drawings?

  • Oakworth Homes architect service will take care of all of this for you

Q6, How much does it cost to build a house?

  • You can build your home from as little as £60/ft² depending on the level of involvement you have in the project.
  • Many people build for upwards of £75/ft² depending on the design, level of specification and finish they require.

Q,7 How much will my timber frame cost?

  • Basic timber frames can be delivered to site from as little as £10.50/ft².
  • Specification and design complexity can impact on this but not significantly.

Q,8 When you refer to a guide price £/ft² what does it mean?

  • It refers to an average price for a square foot of living space in all rooms on all floors.
  • Bungalows can be slightly more expensive as they still have foundations and a roof with fewer rooms in between to share the cost of these two elements.

Q,9 Will Oakworth Homes look at a prospective plot and advise me if it is suitable to pursue?

  • Yes, Oakworth Homes will visit the site and prepare a feasibility report. This report will provide you with answers to those burning questions you may not have thought of yet like where will the drains connect and can I build a 'castle' here?
  • Unfortunately a feasibility report will only provide guidanc and suggestions. The only true way to confirm feasibility of a site is to commence the design and planning process.

Q,10 What about trades persons needed to finish the project?

  • Via our contacts regionally Oakworth Homes can provide you with contact details for the trades persons you will need to complete your project.

Q,11 What do I do next?

Simply call us on 08708 500785 or send us your details via the customer contact page and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

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